Nanotechnology Materials and Devices (NMD) Workshop - Monday 23rd - Tuesday 24th May 2016 - University of Dayton River Campus, Building 1700, Dayton, Ohio daytondefense



Dr. Jandro L. Abot
The Catholic University of America
Title: Strain Measurement and Damage Detection Using Integrated Carbon Nanotube Yarn Sensors
Dr. Ray Baughman
University of Texas-Dallas
Dr. Philip Bradford
North Carolina State University
Title: Textile and Foam Structures Enhanced by Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheets
Dr. Liming Dai
Case Western Reserve University
Title: Multidimensional and Multifunctional Graphitic Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Dr. Steven B. Fairchild
Air Force Research Laboratory
Title: Nanostructured Cathode and Anode Materials for Vacuum Electronic Devices
Dr. Timothy Haugan
Air Force Research Laboratory
Title: Development of Long Length Electrical Conductors Incorporating Nanotechnology: Carbon-Based and Superconducting
Dr. Stephen C. Hawkins
Queen's University Belfast
Title: Nanotubes are Not The Only Carbon
Dr. John Horwath
Air Force Research Laboratory
Title: Nanomagnetics for Power Applications
Dr. Michael Jakubinek
National Research Council Canada
Dr. Krzysztof Koziol
University of Cambridge
Dr. David Lashmore
University of New Hampshire
Title: Conductivity Mechanisms in CNT Yarns
Dr. Richard Liang
Florida State University
Title: Scale-up tests of aligned CNTs and CNT/CF hybrid composites
Dr. Amy Marconnet
Purdue University
Title: Nanoengineering Materials for Heat Dissipation
Dr. Benji Maruyama
Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Michael A. Meador
Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO)
Title: NNI 2.0 - Future Directions and Opportunities under the National Nanotechnology Initiative
Dr. Suguru Noda
Waseda University
Title: Fluidized-Bed Production of Sub-Millimeter-Long Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application to Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
Dr. Nestor Perea
Penn State University
Title: Advances on the creation of CNT junctions for 3D structures and virus isolation using VA-CNTs
Dr. Fei Wei
Tsinghua University, Beijing
Title: High-efficiency Particulate Air Filters Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Amir I Zaghloul
Army Research Laboratory
Dr. Alex K. Zettl
University of Califonia, Berkley
Title: Science and Application of sp2-Bonded Nanomaterials




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